Cross Plains Area EMS

Cross Plains Area EMS is a combination department that utilizes a mix of full-time staff, LTE/part-time staff, and volunteers to provide 24/7/365 911 EMS coverage to the rural settings of the Village of Cross Plains, part of the Town of Cross Plains, part of the Town of Berry, and part of the Town of Springfield. The entire District population is roughly 2,178 households and 5,400 persons.

The Village of Cross Plains is a friendly, active community that includes a good mix of single-family, multi-family/apartment, and senior living facilities, along with several long-standing businesses, with many of the businesses being owned and operated by community members. The parts of the Towns of Cross Plains, Berry, and Springfield that are covered within our district are primarily composed of rural homes and farms. Our communities and entire EMS District offer many options for active, outdoor activities including: mountain bike trails, road bike training for the Ironman WI, hiking trails, snowmobile trails, ATV use within the Village, Indian Lake County Park, all of which make for interesting and unique call responses when 911 service is needed to these areas.